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ALPHA SOLAR guarantees its mounting systems for 20 years.

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Alpha Solar – 8 MW of Alpha Solar Mounting Systems installed in Greece

Alpha Solar Ltd, an innovative manufacturer of quality photovoltaic mounting systems in Greece continues its success in the domestic market and prepares for international expansion.

The Alpha Solar portfolio comprises a full range of on-roof and free field photovoltaic mounting systems. The free field system Alpha Solar FF is available as one and two pole system for ramming and beton fundaments. Alpha Solar V allows manually change of inclination for the different seasons of the year. The onroof systems Alpha Solar R/F can be installed on all flat and pitched roofs.

The Alpha Solar FF free field system is now also available for First Solar and for crystalline modules with three modules in vertical installation.

Alpha Solar mounting systems fulfill the requirements of Eurocode 1, 3 and 9 for structures and design of steel and aluminum structures. Furthermore Alpha Solar products fulfill the Greek Anti-Seismic Regulation (EAK), an important argument for security of photovoltaic systems in Greece. Alpha Solar mounting systems are TUV certified.

Vassilis Emmanouil, CEO of Alpha Solar: "Our customers appreciate the high quality of Alpha Solar mounting systems at competitive prices. Our systems are especially suited for large industrial on-roof and free field installations such as the planned Helios project. Our products are Made in Greece and support the local business environment. Our overall target is to support profitability of PV investments in Greece and abroad."

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