Reliability in manufacturing photovoltaic mounting systems.

alphasolar-solarpanelQUALITY & CONSISTENCY
Quality & Consistency in the implementation of the investment.

ALPHA SOLAR guarantees its mounting systems for 20 years.

Alpha Solar RF - Photovoltaic Mounting System for roof installations

Alpha Solar - RF - Flat Roof Top

The ALPHA SOLAR R/F series has been designed especially for on-roof installations in Greece as the result of a comprehensive practical experience in aluminum and steel constructions.

Aluminum system:

  • very stable
  • corrosion-free
  • low weight on the roof

Designed for Greece:

  • for flat and pitched roofs
  • for roofs with north, south, east and west orientation
  • for all inclinations

Highest value for money:

  • stabilizing cross beams on the back side
  • stress tested


  • Special cable channels
  • UV protected cable ties
  • Double strengthened middle and end module clamps

Certificate for Statics for each project

Each PV project has its own characteristics. The wind load, the height and inclination of the roof, as well as many other elements are taken into consideration when conducting the static study for each project. The Greek Certificate for Statics provides PV system owners with security.

Flexible system

The mounting system ALPHA SOLAR R/F can be installed on all usual roof types allowing the installation of all PV module types of the market.

Cable and inverter fastening solutions

The ALPHA SOLAR R/Fseries is always delivered with specially designed fastening solutions for the cables and inverters securing proper installation and a long term operation of the PV systems.

High inclination pitched roof (usually to be found on private houses). PV modules are installed on the southern side parallel to the roof.

Low inclination pitched roof (usually to be found on barns, industrial buildings etc.). PV modules can be installed both on the southern and northern side of the roof.

Flat roof (to be found both on private houses and industrial buildings).

pdfRF Installation Manual (PDF)

Photos - Alpha Solar RF

AlphaSolar-Photovoltaic-Mounting-System-RF05 AlphaSolar-Photovoltaic-Mounting-System-RF01 AlphaSolar-Photovoltaic-Mounting-System-RF01 AlphaSolar-Photovoltaic-Mounting-System-RF01 AlphaSolar-Photovoltaic-Mounting-System-RF01

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