Reliability in manufacturing photovoltaic mounting systems.

alphasolar-solarpanelQUALITY & CONSISTENCY
Quality & Consistency in the implementation of the investment.

ALPHA SOLAR guarantees its mounting systems for 20 years.

Alpha Solar FF - Photovoltaic Module (Panel) Mounting Systems

Alpha Solar - FF - Free Field

The mounting systems ALPHA SOLAR Free Field have been designed especially for free field installations in Greece as the result of a comprehensive practical experience in aluminum and steel constructions. 

Steel and aluminum combination:

  • comprehensive stability
  • high durability due to the metal beams
  • low weight thanks to the aluminum profile
  • with heat galvanized posts for higher protection against oxidation
  • for all PV module types

Designed for Greece:

  • to be rammed in the ground with a sole IPE120 post/ without concrete foundation
  • fast installation without altering the ground
  • easy and fast uninstalling
  • flexible: following the ground morphology due to the adjustable head

Highest value for money:

  • aluminum weldging machines according to DIN 1732: S-Al, Si 5, DIN-standard 3.2245
  • Inox steel screws Α2
  • ideal steel and aluminum proportion for maximum safety and low price
  • stress tested


  • Special cable channels
  • UV protected cable ties
  • Double strengthened middle and end module clamps


Cable and inverter fastening solutions

The Alpha Solar Free Field mounting systems are always delivered with specially designed fastening solutions for the cables and inverters securing proper installation and a long term operation of the PV systems.

Flexible system

The Alpha Solar Free Field mounting systems follow the ground morphology thanks to the adjustable heads, thus allowing installations on grounds with several inclinations. They therefore secure maximum area usage, best PV modules inclination and highest PV system performance.

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